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Islip Town Fire Department and Ambulance Corps


The Friends of Islip Town Firefighters Museum has been operating since the 1990’s. Our museums goal is to maintain as much of Islip Town’s Fire Service history as possible. The museums mission is a commitment to the historical preservation of Fire Departments, Public Safety Education, and

Fire Fighters Safety programs. Our 21 fire departments and 5 Ambulance corps have been working diligently collecting donated historical artifacts for the museums displays and exhibits for everyone’s enjoyment and for the preservation of our fire services history. A friend of “Islip Town Fighter Fighters” museum’s future home will be located at a site next to Duck’s stadium, in Central Islip.  Long Island N.Y. We look forward to a partnership with other Community, Organizations, Businesses, Friends and Government support, in order to help us reach our goals and to share our proud heritage with our Long Island families. Building construction has begun and with the weather being warm, we are ahead of schedule and hope the weather stays warm to stay ahead of schedule.